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Alarm Monitoring you can trust! If you don't have a business security system, especially in todays modern age – let me tell you that you absolutely need one! Burglaries can be costly, and worse yet, a armed robbery puts you and your employees lives at risk. Employee safety and asset loss prevention are the primary purposes of a business security system. While this primarily includes detecting burglaries - a security system also detects a number of other threats including smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and even water or temperature related damages.

Our security products and Alarm Monitoring service offers an affordable way for you to safeguard your peace of mind knowing that someone has your back in the event of an emergency.



Per month

5 year agreement

This is our most basic monitoring package. You must have an analog telephone line to connect into the alarm system and we must be able to reprogram the alarm system to dial to our Central Station.



Per month

5 year agreement

This package allows use of an Analog, Internet, or Cellular GSM module. We may take-over an existing panel using CID format signal through an existing analog telephone line.



Per month

5 year agreement

This package allows use of an Analog, Internet, or Cellular GSM module. You gain access to interactivity features and can arm/disarm, and control Z-Wave features remotely. You may also use add-on features such as weather to the panel.



Per month

5 year agreement

This package allows use of all the same features as our Gold package but with the option for a backup communicator module. You may choose any combination but analog and cellular are the cheapest and most common.

So, why CGI-Communication? Because we disclose our prices and an unbeatable value too good to pass by. Other companies promise cheap service, but then add in "hidden charges", higher renewals, or promotional services that simply "aren't as advertised". With us - you know exactly what you are going to get... Simple as that!

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Here are some frequently asked questions.  Feel free to reach out to us and a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  We look forward to hearing from you!

“If it can be sensed, it can be detected, and if it can be detected, it can be reported. Monitoring is the key reporting link in electronic security. Modern alarm communications transmit digital, audio and video data over thousands of miles using telephone, cellular, and other internet technologies. The location that receives and processes this vital information is known either as a central station or a monitoring center.

From the most common to the most unusual emergency conditions, central stations monitor them all. Burglar alarms, fire alarms, emergency medical conditions, panic alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, temperature, water level, etc. If a sensor can detect a change in circumstance, the contracted central station can monitor it and direct the proper response.

Here are a few of the more unusual applications:

  • Agricultural – After experiencing a number of explosions, a hog confinement center in the Midwest installed a special gas detector to report high concentrations of methane.
  • Industrial – A photo processing plant monitors dozens of variables, including ambient heat and light, to safeguard the quality of its product – your family’s photos.
  • Commercial – A store in a high-crime area signals the central station when it opens and closes. Its system uses listen-in and talk-back microphones to protect both property and personnel.
  • Residential – The common home alarm system senses not only intrusion and fire, but also water in the basement, low temperature and carbon monoxide. While the family vacationed, the heat in their home failed and a water pipe burst. The water sensor activated a digital communicator, notifying the central station, which called a neighbor with a key. A plumber was called and the family returned to a warm, cozy and dry home.


Recent studies suggest that homes without alarm systems are three times more likely to be burglarized than homes with alarm systems. You can also reduce your Homeowners Insurance Premiums by getting a security system installed. Your household may already be among the growing number of families who feel the peace of mind of having an alarm system in their home. Just like the technology in TV’s, computers, and cell phones, the technology in security systems is always increasing and changing to better meet the needs of the end user.

The largest fee will be for the Alarm Panel (hardware). That will either be a one time fee, or a monthly fee if you are leasing the panel. Costs will vary, so discuss with your sales representative what your options are. 

We also charge a one time Setup fee of $50.00 per location. 

Then depending on your desired configuration and features, such as controlling lights, thermostats, or door locks – there will be the following additional monthly cost. 

Alarm Feature – EMPower Lights or Thermostat$8.00/mo
Alarm Feature – EMPower Locks$5.00/mo
Alarm Feature – Weather to Panel$2.00/mo
Alarm Feature – Voice Notification: Alarms$2.00/mo
Alarm Feature – Voice Notification: Non-Alarms$6.00/mo

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