How to transfer a VoIP Call

How to transfer a call using VoIP A call transfer is the act of sending a call from one user (extension) to another. There are two ways to transfer a call: cold (blind) and warm (attended). Every profession that involves regular phone use is bound to require a call transfer at some point. So what […]

How to check your Voicemail

How to check your Voicemail   Voicemail is a system that records and stores voice messages left by callers when the recipient is unable to answer their phone. This works just like answering machines used to back in the day, except there is no physical device attached to your phone – it works digitally. The recipient […]

How to enable call privacy

How to enable Call Privacy on your CGI VoIP Service… “Private Calling” or “Call Privacy” is a feature that callers can use to block their Caller ID information from the recipient of the call. That means that the caller has chosen to block their Caller ID information, either by blocking it by default or by […]

How to enable call forwarding

How to call forward your CGI VoIP Service…   Call forwarding, also known as call diverting, is a phone feature that redirects incoming calls to a different number. It’s available on traditional analog (POTS), Cell/Mobile, and VoIP telephone systems. To enable call forward on your VoIP Extension do the following: From the extension you want […]

No Dial Tone

No Dial Tone, Common Problems and Solutions So you went to place a call and low and behold – nothing but dead air. Usually there is an easy solution to rectify the problem. Some common reasons you wont have a dial tone include: Phone is not plugged in Phone or Line Damaged ATA not Registered […]