One Way Audio | Double NAT

One Way Audio, Common Problems and Solutions We’ve all experienced one-way audio on a phone call before. It’s the typical “Hello, Hello?” and “Can you hear me now?” conversation. The issue is not specific to Voice over IP (VoIP) and affects an astonishing 1 in every 100 calls. However, it does tend to show up […]

No Dial Tone

No Dial Tone, Common Problems and Solutions So you went to place a call and low and behold – nothing but dead air. Usually there is an easy solution to rectify the problem. Some common reasons you wont have a dial tone include: Phone is not plugged in Phone or Line Damaged ATA not Registered […]


Jobs Jobs Field Service Installer CompanyCGI-Communication, Inc. provides high-speed Internet services to business and residential customers in Casa Grande, AZ and its surrounding areas. We are among the fastest ISP’s available in the area. The company is growing rapidly and we are looking to bring in additional help. There is a lot of potential for […]