How to Setup Email on Android – Spike Mail

Setting up Email on your Android device – Spike Mail.

Spike is a Email client for Android, Windows, and MacOS. It enables users to view Email in a chat-like, conversational format (like text) with many collaborative features built right in like recording audio, video calls, sharing documents, calendar, contact list, and groups. It can be a very versatile business application.

To add your Email to Spike Mail simply do the following:

1st things first, if you haven’t already installed Spike Mail, you need to install Spike Mail from the Play store or just click THIS LINK.

  1. Open Spike Mail and click on “Add Email Account“.

2. Enter your “Email Address” and click on “Continue“.

3. Enter your “Password“.

4. Click “Advanced Settings“.

5. Enter the following information:

  • Hostname: “
  • Port:”993
  • Username: “Email Address
  • Hostname: “
  • Port: “587
  • Username: “Email Address

6. Click “Login

7. Type your “Name” and then click “Continue“. 

That’s it! You’ve successfully setup Spike Mail on your android device.

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