Optical Ethernet

Optical Ethernet Common Problems and Possible Solutions

Metro Optical Ethernet (MOE) circuits are much different than the standard broadband connection to troubleshoot and do require some level of technical knowledge.

Due to the nature of the service level agreement associated with this type of circuit, CGI-Communication monitors them quite closely. Chances are if the line side of your connection goes down, we will know before you will. The Local Area Network (LAN) side of the connection is not monitored, only the Wide Area Network (WAN) side of the link, so if you have problems with your gateway router or firewall, we may not know about it immediately.

If you have performed the troubleshooting steps below and are still having an issue, ask for a level 2 technician to check the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) at your location. They should be able to at least tell you if it is a problem on our end and if no problem is found, they can schedule an appointment for you (may be billable) to assist in getting you back up and running.

1. Can you ping the LAN IP Address of your gateway router or firewall?

2. Can you ping the WAN IP Address of your gateway router or firewall?

3. Does all CPE have power?

4. Have you rebooted the Router or Firewall?

5. Have you rebooted the CPE?

6. Are you getting an Alarm on the Network Interface Device (NID) ?

If you are still experiencing the issue, contact Technical Support at (520) 421-3333 opt. 2. 

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